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Orthodontic Lab

Orthodontic lab

Orthodontic Lab was established in 1982. At that time our collective decided to make good use of the knowledge and professional skills obtained and wanted to work as a nationwide company. Our company was the biggest laboratory on the market which has specialized in producing dental regulators and organizing orthodontical trainings.
Orthodontist labor room

 We are proud of maintaining this status during the past two decades, and we could also realize some developments as well.

We are producing all types of fix and moveable dental regulators known by the trade providing the finest quality for more than 25 praxis nationwide. We are observing and introducing the professional novelties. We continously take part in the professional basic and adult trainings.
We are working in the same establisment and in strech work relationship with the orthodontical department of the Heim Pál Children’s Hospital. This is the biggest national institute employing the most dentists in the orthodontical field.

We would like to specialize our company’s profile with orthodontical material trading as the infrastructural and professional capacities are available.

Company executives
Dr. Dima Magdolna főorvos
Dr. Dima Magdolna
Rajk Lajos András psichológus, igazgató
Rajk Lajos András
pszichológus, igazgató
Zágoniné Fülöp Csilla Laborvezető
Zágoniné Fülöp Csilla
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